She spent her childhood in the family home in Louveciennes. Her mother, a cultured woman, sparked her interest in music and the arts. At a very early age, she went to concerts, museums and exhibitions. She wandered the area surrounding Louveciennes, visiting places which inspired the great impressionists Sisley and Pissarro.

In 1986, she left the Paris area and moved to Limousin which was like a return to her roots.

I met JDann in 1984 at a concert she gave in Villiers Saint Orien in the Eure et Loir département for the Abbaye du Bois. Her first calling is music. She has taught and played the piano.

If I had to choose two adjectives to describe JDann, they would be 'sensitive' and 'emotional'. She expresses her emotions sincerely like crescent sails that glide serenely on the water in a discreet and protective mist through which blue sky can be discerned.

JDann enjoys painting flowers. She has produced some great compositions. In a series of orchids, JDann depicts the flowers touched by a man's hand, on a string like puppets, immodest flowers, butterfly flowers placed on a strong male arm like a tattoo, sensitive flowers, fragile flowers, flowers given as gifts.

More recently, inspired by Chinese art she has been working with brush strokes. The pictures in this series are entitled 'ephemera'. The ink marks left on the paper are an attempt to achieve harmony between her inner world and her actions. Some of these pictures featuring abstract and evocative shapes provide a wonderful accompaniment to a collection of poems by Pascal Pagnat. Pagnat, a poet full of hope despite a dark streak which leads me to believe that this hope will have no outlet, no salvation, except in the depths of despair. In contrast, JDann's light and minimalist illustrations offer a pleasing response to this darkness.

As a musician, JDann also naturally addresses abstraction. A lyrical artist, she is particularly fond of a painting entitled 'Chimère'. This painting is rich in contrasts, solid in its composition and indeed very effective. Here one can see a relationship between painting and music which has perhaps only just begun ...

.....A self-employed artist, JDann has made her way discreetly and modestly, although not without talent, on paths which are unique to her.